Change for better outcomes

vocational assessment

Personal career assessments

In less than 30 minutes you can have a career guide report that measures more than 200 factors to help guide a new direction in your career. The Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions (HATS) reports will include a comprehensive list of careers that would suit you best by comparing your individual profile to the traits required for success in a particular area. Traits considered include your task preferences, general interests and work environment preferences.

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Career pathways

Coaching for career success

Respected career coach Fran Whittingham has worked with hundreds of senior executives looking to make changes in their life and career direction. Together you can re-engineer a future that offers more satisfaction, less stress and a focus on activities that better suit your personality profile. Your new strategy will include developing  job search techniques, honing your interviewing skills and insights on moving up the corporate ladder.

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Career aptitude test

Facilitating change

Whether managing a corporate restructure or developing strategies to implement changes in community groups, we offer the experience and tactics to avoid pitfalls and manage successful transitions. We have helped companies negotiate successful outcomes around mergers, redundancies and staff restructuring. Our community work has resulted in better public consultation processes and successful changes in public opinion.

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“The reports themselves were useful but the coaching really explained it perfectly in a very focused, personalised way.”


“Instead of making me feel bad about the things I want, I felt validated and am happier in myself, and my decisions."


“Since coaching I have been more direct in my communication. I have been less stressed at dealing with difficult situations.”