Are you resting on your laurels?

This is an old-fashioned turn of phrase so I looked it up on google and found the following…

“If someone rests on their laurels, they rely on their past achievements, rather than trying to achieve things now.”

“Don’t think that because you’ve done well here you can just sit back and enjoy yourself in the future. You still have to work.”

So maybe head in the sand is another appropriate phrase here when we consider what is happening in the world around us.

Some of you will have worked/studied very hard to get where you are and it might seem very unfair that the world of work is so changeable. It is no longer what is happening in your immediate company or city but rather reflects global change including technical, social and economic.

What can you do about this?

  • Stay marketable and know what is happening outside of your workplace. Look outwards as well as inwards.
  • Ensure you’re seen to be committed and current in the workplace.
  • Have a current profile whether it is LinkedIn, electronic resume or what suits your area of the industry.
  • Maintain professional development, technical skills and qualification updates.
  • Maintain current professional membership.
  • Network with that membership.
  • Know where careers are heading in the future, do your research.
  • Have a career plan, even if it is maintaining the above dot points.

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