Whether faced with a redundancy or simply feeling the need to make a change in your career, we offer broad understanding and deep insights that well help you manage those changes.

Most of all, we offer the experience that will help you find real satisfaction and enhanced quality of life.

Vocational assessments and career guidance

Together we will explore your inner dreams and work preferences. We’ll plot a clear path to lead you from confusion to understanding, from being stressed by your circumstances to securing a work environment you would truly enjoy. We also consider future trends in work and employment opportunities.

There are a number of steps to take with your coach and they could include:

  • Vocational assessments. These can be self-assessment exercises for crystallising your ideals and/or an international online tool, for example Harrison Assessments. I recommend this vocational assessment if you are keen for detailed and accurate career reports that measure more than 200 factors including your task preferences, motivations, work environment preferences, interests and interpersonal preferences. The system determines your most suitable career options. For a free trial go here now.
  • Research and Marketing. How to research and tap into the information you need and then preparing the essential marketing tools, resumes and letters.
  • Job Search Strategies. Only 40% of available positions are advertised either in print or online. How do you find the other 60%? What are the strategies needed to find the ideal job that you are looking for?
  • Resume and application letters. Will your letter and resume get you an interview?
  • Communication. Do you need to hone your interviewing skills, can you articulate your uniqueness?
  • Career choices. Making the right decision and choice that matches your profile as well as being able to negotiate your value.

Career Options Report provides a list of career options that are most suitable for an individual. The careers are listed in descending order of suitability. The system searches on more than 600 careers and identifies those that best match the person’s task preferences, interests, work environment preferences and personality patterns. The report can be restricted to levels of education required. Free trial and more information go here.

Career Development Report gives detailed guidance related to career development. It includes the following topics: Task Preferences, Interests, Work Environment Preferences, Interpersonal Skills, Motivation, Decision Skills, and Leadership Skills.

Career Comparison Report determines the specific factors that would give career satisfaction for a specific career. A full interpretation of the results is included.

Your Greatest Strengths describes strengths with more insight and depth. Some of the strengths described are paradoxical pairs of traits where two strengths seem to be opposite or contradictory but in fact are complementary or synergistic. Useful for interviews.

Summary and Key Words provides a summary and key word description overview of the person’s traits and suitability related issues. It is not job specific.

Paradox Graph with Narrative shows the dynamic relationships between the two traits of each of the 12 main paradox pairs. Enables the analysis of paradoxical behaviours (optionally highlights traits related to a job). Recommended for leadership.

Traits and Definitions shows all the traits and trait definitions in order of the applicant’s score in to each category and listed in order of the highest score.

Development for Position provides a development plan for each of two traits that would most improve performance for a specific person related to a specified career choice.

FMWtransition utilises Harrison Assessments, the most advanced, accurate and cost-effective career suitability assessment system on the market todayIf you want a free trial go here. Take the on-line questionnaire to obtain a sample report and see how it works instantly. Alternatively if you have questions feel free to ask in an email.

Basic package with up to 13 reports (Career Options, Career Development, Strengths Report and 10 specific Career Comparisons) plus email support as needed for requests related to the reports. Includes an electronic Gold Career Kit Manual.

Aus $ 264 including GST

Basic package + 2 Career Coaching Sessions (Skype or Personal Meeting)

Aus $495 including GST

Executive Package + 5 Career Coaching Sessions (Skype or Personal Meeting)

This includes all Career Reports PLUS additional leadership and development reports including the Paradox report which gives deep insight for greater self-awareness and is highly recommended for those of you looking for development and maybe promotion. This package is for those of you interested in understanding your own emotional intelligence and how you use your strengths and weaknesses in leading or working with others.

Aus $1540 including GST

Additional career coaching sessions can be arranged with or without the packages above All sessions include and cover any time your coach needs to provide additional resources, emails and assistance with your marketing and job search materials which are sent electronically.

Contact FMWtransition to discover the benefits of knowing what your next career pathways could be. Have questions or just want to get started? Email now for your personalised online link.