Respected career coach Fran Whittingham has worked with hundreds of senior executives, managers and employees, looking to make changes in their life and career pathways. Together you can re-engineer a future that offers more satisfaction, less stress and a focus on activities that better suit your personality profile. Your new strategy will include developing job search techniques, honing your interviewing skills and utilising insights to create a career path. This might include moving up the corporate ladder if that is what you want. Do you know what you want?

How important is job satisfaction?

If you are reading this then you have probably already worked out the importance of finding satisfaction in your work and how that satisfaction can impact on your total well-being. Maybe you are thinking that job satisfaction is an illusion or that you have been leaning your ladder against the wrong wall? It might be that you need a coach to assist with exploring career development strategies such as preparation for promotion, improving relationships with your manager or mapping your career pathway.

We work with clients who are keen to:

  • Improve self-awareness
  • Crystallise a career pathway
  • Work on some challenges that might be blocking progress
  • Explore alternative career options
  • Move up the corporate ladder
  • Rewire for retirement
  • Smooth out work/life balance issues

Sometimes the challenges can be:

  • How to make the right decision
  • Creating more time
  • Achieving a clearer focus for the future
  • Developing a personal vision
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Communicating better
  • Simplifying an over demanding routine

In today’s world of work we need to be confident that we are up to date and competitive in the marketplace. The dynamic nature of the world of work can suddenly and unexpectedly precipitate you out into job search. Are you ready for that? At FMWtransition we provide a service that can help you to make informed decisions based on the right information about yourself and your career pathways. Together we decide what it is you are looking for and then tap into a range of critical resources.

Coaching can help you plan your future

Whatever age you are it is possible to re-engineer your future. Futurists have provided convincing evidence that workers of the 21st Century will have a portfolio of skills and will need to find their market. The Z generation will know all about this (born after 1995) and the Y generation born 1981 to 1994 are keenly aware that they will have multiple jobs in their life time. Those of you in the X generation mid 30’s to aged 50 might already be thinking of a career change or perhaps equipping yourself for that promotion. As for the baby boomers, it is possible that you thought you would be retired by now but the superannuation doesn’t match the desires and dreams!  Make your next decision count. How ready are you? So plan your career the way you might plan building a new home or going on an expensive overseas holiday i.e. with much thought and attention to detail. You deserve that satisfaction. Contact FMWtransition to discuss your requirements.