When Yes Means No

This is my final blog offering before I retire. I want to thank you all individually and collectively for making my work both interesting and extremely satisfying for the past 19 years. You could say why not round it to 20 years, but if the truth is known I have been talking about letting go for at least the past … Read More

Are you resting on your laurels?

This is an old-fashioned turn of phrase so I looked it up on google and found the following… “If someone rests on their laurels, they rely on their past achievements, rather than trying to achieve things now.” “Don’t think that because you’ve done well here you can just sit back and enjoy yourself in the future. You still have to … Read More

Is success dependant on liking oneself?

Woman looking from the top of a hill

Do you have self-compassion? Whether you do or not, does it make a difference to life success? I have pondered this question a lot and from my experience with career and corporate clients, the answer is definitely not dependant on status or hierarchy.

The Art of Negotiation

Oh, wouldn’t we all like to be good at this? Well maybe you are! You probably do it daily: your children, teenagers, partner, neighbours or even friends. What are the negotiation techniques you use for these simple everyday decisions and how do they apply to more serious needs? For example, negotiating a starting salary or a pay rise? Believe it … Read More

Using LinkedIn to Create your Personal Brand

How is your LinkedIn profile? Are you confident it is serving your personal brand well or is it something you keep meaning prioritise and update? Do you even have one? As coaches, we are often asked about “how to build a great LinkedIn presence or how to create a good LinkedIn profile” so here are some tips contributed by Swati … Read More

Seeking expertise – Tips and benefits of asking for help

Do you ask for help when you need it? When should we seek expertise? What is the cost if we don’t? Money, health, well-being? “I can do it myself”. Noble words! When do they apply and when do they cause heartache or even dollars? Faced these dilemmas lately? I have and it was all about IT issues. Here are three … Read More

How your resume can survive the cut


Don’t miss out, remain Visible in the job application process. At a recent CDAA conference for Career Practitioners I gathered the latest information and want to share it with you. While I knew about electronic screening, I now have the latest on what NOT to include in your resume.

A Life Makeover? Is it merely a decision? Here are 5 useful tips.

Moving, moving, moving = stress, stress, stress was my cry last time I communicated with you a few months ago. How accurate is this statement? Well let me tell you there have been numerous changes to schedule all out of my control, not to mention my whole office being disrupted, packed and repacked. Thank goodness for our paperless society one … Read More

Personal Branding – Steps to get noticed and get the job

Woman on computer - personal branding - fmwtransition

You have heard of USP? Your “Unique Selling Proposition” and “The Brand Called You” but have you thought about how to market yourself in this way? This is your personal brand. How can you be proactive and manage your career development in such a challenging and ever changing employment environment? Here are some steps to take which will give you some … Read More

Productive meetings!! A Career Changer?

productive meetings

Are meetings the bane of your life? Too many, no obvious benefits or outcomes, too long, boring content? Do you feel elated when a meeting is cancelled? Here are some simple tips to make a big difference. Have you realised that if you improve your meeting presence and effectiveness, it could improve your career. How so? You can gain respect … Read More