Networking Nuances

Introvert or extrovert it doesn’t matter networking is highly recommended for job search, startup or growing your business. Scary for some but what if there is a process you can follow? Is it true that those who network have more chance and options of finding a new job opportunity, a new business, a better deal when buying a major item: … Read More

Can you re-engineer your career? A true story

Well the answer is definitely yes but how do you know what paths are ahead, how do you know if an opportunity is presenting itself? How do you find out if you are suited to another career? Here is Steve’s story. Steve was proactive all the way but even if your circumstances are different I was inspired by his journey … Read More

Times they are a changing!! Redundancy!

What a truism is that. The older you get the more you realise that life can be very unpredictable, change is a certainty. So how do people fare when faced with that tough situation of redundancy? Whatever you call it, restructure, downsizing or economic rationalising it doesn’t matter, it can still hurt and hit most very hard. Remember you are … Read More

Time management – Can there be a new perspective?

Time management tips that work

Working part-time, full time, a working parent, semi-retiree, Mum at home, it doesn’t matter which really, all demand a level of good organisation and time management to make life easier! Still using post–it notes? Does it work for you? Maybe you are willing to try some other options … 7 Tips that really work 1. Work out your priorities? “The … Read More

Passion and Career Direction: Are Yours in Sync?

Office desk

What would it be like to earn income doing something you truly love? Is it really possible to find your dream job? Maybe you have thought about this and even shelved it as impossible or maybe you have gone online and then been overwhelmed with information in Google about choosing a career assessment tool. Yes there are many and all … Read More

Returning to Work: From Nappies to Notebooks

What do mums returning to the work have in common? From nappies and toddlers to the very different demands of employment, how hard is it? I recently interviewed a number for their experiences and decided that some reflections and tips might be useful. The choice to be with the children full-time Have you wondered what others feel about this? A … Read More

Virtual Assistants. Be One or Need One?

Virtual Assistant

I met a new client recently who has a talent in performing arts and that is her true passion. The only negative for my client is performing is not usually a consistent income, it requires flexibility to jump into a role, seize an opportunity, travel anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. Sounds very exciting to me … Read More

Not Engaged at Work, Stuck with a Difficult Boss?

Managing Up – Does it have to be difficult? Have you heard the saying “People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” How true is that and how many times could it be prevented or avoided? What can you do about it if you are feeling stuck, can’t leave but not excited about staying either. Here is a perspective that gives you … Read More

Action – Is your Small Picture driving you rather than your Big Purpose?

1. Declutter Where is there clutter in your life? Is it in your office, home, wardrobe, relationships or financial records? Plan how and when you will tackle this and I suggest BEFORE the end of January 2. Reflect What worked well this past year and therefore you wish to continue? What didn’t work well and you wish to stop? What opportunities … Read More

Sorting your Worries

Sorting your Worries -Three Imaginary Buckets Do you have a technique for sorting your worries? I am an optimist myself but it doesn’t mean I don’t worry or over think some issues or decisions in life. Do you sometimes find that it is preventing sleep? Well you have heard of writing all your worries on paper and postponing thinking of … Read More