The Art of Negotiation

Oh, wouldn’t we all like to be good at this? Well maybe you are! You probably do it daily: your children, teenagers, partner, neighbours or even friends. What are the negotiation techniques you use for these simple everyday decisions and how do they apply to more serious needs? For example, negotiating a starting salary or a pay rise? Believe it … Read More

Seeking expertise – Tips and benefits of asking for help

Do you ask for help when you need it? When should we seek expertise? What is the cost if we don’t? Money, health, well-being? “I can do it myself”. Noble words! When do they apply and when do they cause heartache or even dollars? Faced these dilemmas lately? I have and it was all about IT issues. Here are three … Read More

How your resume can survive the cut


Don’t miss out, remain Visible in the job application process. At a recent CDAA conference for Career Practitioners I gathered the latest information and want to share it with you. While I knew about electronic screening, I now have the latest on what NOT to include in your resume.