Is success dependant on liking oneself?

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Do you have self-compassion?

Whether you do or not, does it make a difference to life success?

I have pondered this question a lot and from my experience with career and corporate clients, the answer is definitely not dependant on status or hierarchy. In fact, success can come despite your level of self-appreciation. I have known top executives who mask their low self-esteem but it hasn’t stopped them climb the corporate ladder and then others who are almost stuck in that feeling of low self-worth and then have difficulty getting out of that rut. Sometimes people mask low self-acceptance with other behaviours such as striving for continuous self-improvement, never feeling that their achievements are enough. Whatever the coping mechanism, it is good to take stock of where you sit in this conundrum because appreciating yourself can empower you in your personal life and career. Who really wants to go about their day masking or not being authentic? It just isn’t wholehearted living. So read on for some tips.

I want to offer some resource references either for you or for a colleague or family member, someone you know whom this might help:

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”. These lines are for us all to see another perspective and who better to provide this view but Leonard Cohen in Anthem. Make the most of the 6 minutes to listen and reflect.

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