Using LinkedIn to Create your Personal Brand

How is your LinkedIn profile? Are you confident it is serving your personal brand well or is it something you keep meaning prioritise and update? Do you even have one? As coaches, we are often asked about “how to build a great LinkedIn presence or how to create a good LinkedIn profile” so here are some tips contributed by Swati Sharma who is also ready to help you with your LinkedIn profile. More about Swati later…

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website with millions of professionals, businesses, companies waiting to interconnect with each other. This equates to the enormous opportunity the platform offers to professionals and business owners to market their brands and find opportunities.

Building great LinkedIn presence consists of two parts:

  • Establishing and marketing your personal brand
  • Finding opportunities such as a new job, a network, new clients or professional development.

Establishing and Marketing your personal brand

How effectively do you communicate to your target audience and how well do you connect with them.

Here are some tips to write a compelling profile summary

Answer these questions before you start:

  • Who am I? What do I want to tell my audience?
  • Who is my audience and what would they like to know about me?
  • Why would my audience choose to connect with me instead of my competition? What’s my differentiator?

Once you have more clarity around these, you are ready to write your profile summary.

A good LinkedIn Summary should, in 2000 characters, summarise your professional journey, the impact you create or the value you bring to the table, who you are as a person and professional and why/who should you are seeking to connect with on LinkedIn.

Your summary may have:

  • First 2-3 lines describing your total experience, industries you have served, roles you have worked on, environment you were operating in and any major impact areas Or Personal Return on Investment (PROI*) that you may want to highlight. It is important to quantify the impact/PROI you created. This differentiates you from your competition. For example: I saved my company $1Million through automation of manual registration process. NB if you are not in a sales or financial role, the return might be about retaining staff, streamlining a process. For more information on this ask your coach.
  • The next 2-3 lines should highlight your personal and professional strengths, competencies and skills which align with the roles you have done and are seeking in future
  • 2-3 points highlighting who are you interested in networking with and who can connect with you.

*PROI may need some mathematical calculations if your role has not been a direct revenue generating role. Read Swati’s article to get more information on this.

Apart from the summary, LinkedIn has great features for you to add skills, projects, volunteering experiences, outside interests and other affiliations you may have. Each adds a new dimension to your identity.

Additionally, it is very important to be mindful of the keywords used. Some of these keywords become filters when recruiters or clients are looking for someone like you, hence it is a great idea to fill all this information.

More LinkedIn resource information can be found on Sue has written some E-books that comprehensively cover this topic.

Marketing your brand

LinkedIn offers multiple channels which you can leverage to market your brand and create more visibility:

  1. Write articles: Publish articles in area of your expertise or anything that is congruent to your personal brand identity
  2. Request for recommendations: To add more credibility to your profile, it is a good idea to request your peers, seniors, direct reports and clients write about their experience of working with you
  3. Join groups and contribute: You can join groups which are relevant to your interest and in alignment to your brand image and start conversations, share your expertise, write about your experiences etc. This creates extra opportunity for people to know you better.

Finding Opportunities

Create enough visibility “to be found”. To do this, target the opportunities you are looking for e.g. jobs or recruiters or clients. And if you want to be found then network and participate.

“Enough people are seen, but being visible is a quality few have”- Swati

Good luck.

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Swati is a certified coach with four years practicing in the field of career, performance, and success coaching. She has coached clients from around the world and at various levels of their professional journey including senior directors. She is also passionate about supporting women leaders and professionals to take top ranks and hence has special coaching modules for them. Swati earned her coaching credentials- Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF)- USA. She has 11+ years corporate career behind her coaching experience with leading multinational firms like Microsoft, CSC and Goldman Sachs. Her last corporate assignment was with Goldman Sachs as a Vice President. She is also an entrepreneur and successfully ran her business in the world of “diversity and inclusion, women coaching” in India before moving to Adelaide as a permanent resident along with her husband and a cute little boy – Neil.


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